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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to train your entire body within one week?

At this stage you already have your workout schedule and you know during which days you are going to workout during the week. With the workout routine planning you have to be very careful. If you over plan it you will discourage yourself because after each workout you are going to be too tired. On the other hand if your plan is too light you are not going to achieve much progress and you will be disappointed because of the failed results.

Example of weekly workout routine

At the beginning of your workout schedule try to workout three times per week and spread your workout routine for your major body parts, during the selected days, to train them weekly. Each major body part, after each workout, should receive enough time to recuperate itself and it should not be trained twice within the weekly workout schedule. Exceptions are body parts like abdominals, calves, lower back etc.

Example of How to split your body parts

During the tree day per week workout schedule here is one example of one workout routine:

  • Monday: chest, back and abdominals
  • Wednesday: Legs, calves and abdominals
  • Saturday: biceps, triceps, shoulders and abdominals

Example of How to train each body parts

The safest thing for beginners to start with it is light weights because first their body has to get used to the extra stress/load from the weight resistant training and the person has to feel how the weight training is going to impact his/her entire body. Weight training will have different effect on different people. On those who are out of shape it will have huge impact. Example: they are going to have soar muscles, at the beginning they are going to be very tired, and they might even start to feel pain in their joints. All these symptoms are the indications that the person is out of shape and he/she shocked his/her muscles by lifting weights. If the person keeps lifting weights, the correct way, all these symptoms will disappear and all those week muscles will become strong and they will cope with the weight resistant exercise. Please note that there is a difference between soar muscles or body pain. If during your workout you encounter any body pain, pulled muscle etc., you should immediately contact your family physician.

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